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Packing Boxes

Packing boxes in various sizes and packaging accessories available

Packing Boxes

Barragup Self Storage provides various packing boxes as well as some other packaging accessories.

Tea Chest Cartons

The #1 moving box. This strong twin cushion box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items. Easily stacks into storage units and containers.


The most versatile box. All household items including small appliances.

Internal Dimensions:
Length: 431mm
Width: 406mm
Height: 596mm
Cubic Litres: 104
Cubic Metres: 0.104
Weight: 1.18kg

Packing Boxes - Tea Chest - Barragup Self Storage
Packing Boxes - Book-Wine Cartons - Barragup Self Storage

Book/Wine Cartons

Everyday box for packing books and other non-breakable items, or well-wrapped wine bottles. For ultimate wine protection, use with the Polystyrene Wine Insert (STYI/STYINS).


Books, wine bottles, CD’s/DVD’s, games and other non-breakable items.

Internal Dimensions:
Length: 406mm
Width: 298mm
Height: 431mm
Cubic Litres: 52
Cubic Metres: 0.052
Weight: 0.59kg

Mattress Protectors

Provides protection from dirt, dust and water during moving and storage.

Slips easily over furniture and other bulky items. Tie or tape closed. Reuse a number of times.


To be placed over a queen mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

Packing Boxes - Mattress Protector - Barragup Self Storage
Packing Boxes - Tape - Barragup Self Storage


Adheres to a variety of board surfaces throughout temperature extremes.

  • Uses a natural rubber solvent
  • Adheres to a variety of board surfaces throughout temperature extremes
  • Natural Rubber will age & discolour with exposure to UV but will hold its tack longer than Hot Melt
  • Widely recognised as the better product for refrigeration.


Length: 75m
Width: 48mm

Packing Boxes - Bubble Wrap - Barragup Self Storage

Bubble Wrap

Ideal to protect fragile items

Packing Boxes - Padlock - Barragup Self Storage


Keep your unit secure and you keep the key

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